Academic Aspects

Four-Blocks Literacy Program

The Four-Blocks Literacy Framework is implemented across the school to support all students as the progress in their knowledge and skills in the English Key Learning Area.  This program allows for highly individualised learning programs for each student. 



At Bullimbal we aim to equip all of our students with the tools necessary to communicate with a broad range of people across multiple.  In order to meet these needs, the school has adopted a variety of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) strategies and systems in order to best support each child in developing their independence and autonomy.



Assistive Technologies are extensively used at Bullimbal to support student participation and access to the curriculum.  Devices include touchscreen computers and tablets, interactive whiteboards and screens, student laptops, and tools to support access including switch interface technology.


Numeracy Framework

The framework goals were developed using the foundation statements and Mathematics Syllabus documents to identify the knowledge, skills and understanding that students require to access and participate in the curriculum in order to achieve Early Stage One syllabus outcomes. The framework provides a guide for teachers and a means of acknowledging and documenting student progress towards the achievement of very early numeracy skills and understandings.



Bullimbal has it's own well resourced Library and students have the opportunity to have a library lesson and to borrow books each Wednesday.  Recent fundraising has seen a great increase in books available to our students.