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Last updated 10:32 AM on 23 March 2012



WOW, we had great successs at this year's Tamworth Regional Show.  We had entries in both the produce and baking sections.


As well as the four winners below, two of our students, Amy Wheelhouse and Jordon Murphie won a place for their silverbeet.  Congratulations to all our bakers and gardeners.  





Congratulations John - 2nd place for your Muffins



Congratulations Aaron - 1st place for your Scones



Congratulations Jordan - for your outstanding silverbeet


Congragulations Josh

Congratulations Josh - 1st place Muffins


Our team of great cooks and gardeners

Our Team of Great Cooks and Gardeners

Congratulations to Aaron, John, Josh, Amy, Amylee and Jordan, great result for a great effort. 


Congratulations Amylee - First place for your Bannana Bread



Congratulations Amy -  Sensational Silverbeet.

John Knight, second Place for his muffins

John Knight 

2nd place for his muffins 


Josh Williams, first place for his muffins

Josh Williams 

1st place for his muffins 



Amylee Payne, 1st place for her Bannana Bread

Amylee Payne

1st place for her bannana bread.


Aaron Hemmings, 1st place with his scones

Aaron Hemmings

1st place for his scones 


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