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Last updated 11:43 AM on 10 February 2012

Georgina Altona (Kamilaroi Artist) 1959-2008

My name is Georgina; I am a descendant of the Mooki River People of the Kamilaroi/Gamilaroi Nation.  Most of my family come from the Walhallow Aboriginal Community, Caroona NSW.  Born and raised, in the area of my ancestors.

Challenges are a big part of my living, my aim is to embrace them and then move forward setting goals and then stepping back and watching it unfold.  Over the last 10 years, I have walked forward and learnt many different skills, such as, Fashions, Designing, Trade Sketching, Machinist, I went onto Business Diploma, followed by Aboriginal Art Classes and it was then I knew my journey was taking a turn in the right direction by combining all of my skills.

I have designed graphics for Regional and Federal Health Projects, relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Issues by designing Contemporary Aboriginal Art Graphics concerning: Cancer, Dementia, Cervical Cancer, Mental Health and Woman's Business.

Health issues are a part of my Art, because we as a family live it 24/7, our youngest son has a severe disability, he learns his culture through Art, as everything is symbolic in his world, so is Aboriginal Art to our Culture.  I feel I have given a gift and an essence of belonging to both my sons to carry through their lives.

My paintings are both spiritual and cultural, connecting the past as well as our future, to be able to express and capture on canvas preserved in time.  I started painting 4 years ago, after the passing of my parents, they now have joined the meeting place of ancestors and this is where I feel closest when I paint, where spirit is strong.  My paintings are about kinship, bloodline, celebration and heart, for we as Aboriginal people are the heart and soul of our ancestors, moving forward, but not forgetting the stories past, the existence and proudness of our people.


Georgie was a tremendous part of our school community and her wonderful sense of fun was much loved by all staff.  How lucky we are to have such a great piece of Georgie's art in our school.

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